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“Greetings, I’m Brent Lundell…a business broker with an exciting new opportunity for you to form your own digital marketing company inexpensively with the full expectation for your return of invested capital within 6 to 12 months while also earning recurring income each and every month.

We represent a thriving 16-year old company that has achieved 100% success serving over 11,000 clients and 40,000+ Websites with a 93% client retention rate over the past five years. You are going to love their non-franchise “Licensed Affiliate” business model. It’s highly profitable and much more attractive than franchising. Here’s an overview of the value proposition:

  • Low initial investment with no-credit check corporate financing!

  • Full return of invested capital typically in 6 to12 months.

  • Recurring monthly revenue: This is the Holy Grail of any business opportunity!

As a “Licensed Affiliate,” you’ll enjoy business advantages not found in traditional franchising:

  1. Huge worldwide market with 1.3 billion Websites…all potential customers.

  2. No territorial restrictions…conduct your business anywhere on this planet.

  3. Minimal competition.

  4. No franchising fees or monthly royalties to be paid, ever.

  5. No bricks & mortar required; No FF&E (furniture, fixtures & equipment); No inventory.

  6. No employees needed unless you’d like to add staff to be able to scale even faster.

  7. Conduct your business from anywhere with an iPad!

  8. The business is easily re-locatable should you desire to set up a formal office.

  9. No technical expertise is required. GMP’s technical team handles everything (best-of-the-best tech team in place since 1998 provides 100% back-end support).

  10. Deep training and mentoring by the Company’s execs.

  11. Free Website for your launch.

  12. Thousands of qualified leads provided…geo targeted exclusive leads of people spending inordinately on PPC advertising. You’ll be helping them generate 3 to 5 times more Internet traffic at about 1/3 the cost of their existing paid search advertising.

  13. Software License: Usage of a proprietary, industry leading software system to manage every aspect of your business: The business services, customer management, workflow processes, billing, etc.

Let’s have a quick conversation and explore this opportunity to see if it’s right for you.

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