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We specialize in transitioning people in and out of businesses whether it be an independent business or a franchise concept.  When representing the seller we work very closely on analyzing their business, providing them with a market-based valuation of their business, construct an exit strategy for the business owner, assist the business owner with "next steps" after they sell their business and ultimately facilitate trying to find a buyer for their business.   When assisting buyers for businesses we start by having them run through a personality profile to better aide us in identifying an industry and business for them.  We look to better understand what is motivating them to buy and most importantly finding the right business for them to purchase.  

We are Business Exit Planners who assist business owners with the inevitable exit of their business.  We look to customize an exit solution plan for each business owner with our knowledge base to achieve a successful exit.  We understand a business owners exit plans are held in the highest levels of integrity and confidentiality.  Some of the most common questions we need to get answers for are:

1.  When do I want to exit out of my business?

2.  What does the succession plan look like?

3.  What does my life look like once I sell my business?

4.  Once I see my business am I looking to retire or build up another business?

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Lundell Exit Planning Case Study

Company Case Study:

Engaged with a client over a 4 year period where the company was in the manufacturing sector.  Upon becoming involved in the company as an advisor, the company’s revenue was stagnate, the company lacked a diversity of customers and the ownership group was in denial of formulating a succession plan.  Over the course of the engagement we found out a number of things that were doing well, which could be turned into things that they could do great!  We also developed a comprehensive plan for them to follow in order to increase their revenue and diversify their customer base.  The company had too many big dollar projects dependent upon 1 or 2 customers.  Lundell Brokerage was significantly involved in paving the road ahead for them and providing direction for continued growth and strategizing their business exit plan.  In year 3 we started improving cash flow significantly where we started placing a value range on the business and preparing it for sale. 

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