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We are Business Exit Planners who assist business owners with the inevitable exit of their business.  We look to customize an exit solution plan for each business owner with our knowledge base to achieve a successful exit.

We specialize in transitioning people in and out of businesses whether it be an independent business or a franchise concept.  When representing the seller we work very closely on analyzing their business, providing them with a market-based valuation of their business, construct an exit strategy for the business owner, assist the business owner with "next steps" after they sell their business and ultimately facilitate trying to find a buyer for their business.   When assisting buyers for businesses we start by having them run through a personality profile to better aide us in identifying an industry and business for them.  We look to better understand what is motivating them to buy and most importantly finding the right business for them to purchase.  

We look to create a win-win scenarios between buyers and sellers.  We are business owners ourselves operating multiple brands (30 units) for over 15 years so we know the process and we put ourselves in our clients' situation to get them the best offering.  We believe our experience as business owners helps us be more effective Business Brokers, Business Exit Planners and Business Advisors.

Asset Sale of Gym Equipment

Asset Sale of Gym Equipment. Business is still operational with clients.

Tanning Bed
5 matrix treadmills
1 stair master
4 matrix elliptical
Cable crossover machine plus multiple attachments
Smith machine
1 recumbent bike
I stationary bike
Various bands/ropes
Battle ropes
Db 1-7lbs 1lb increments
Db 5-100lb- 5 lb increments
Various plates/weights (2.5lbs to 45lb plates- many)
Selectorized- chest press/tricep extension/curl/hip adductor/hip abductor/ dip/pushup / lat pull/fly/low row, leg extension/leg curl, toe raise, preacher curl, back extension, shoulder press



Snap Fitness Asset Sale.

Snap Fitness in North metro suburb is selling for $105,000 and is currently an owner/operatory type of business.


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